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What do you gain?


Get paid quickly with an 'invitation to action'


  • Gives instant transparency with real time reports showing exactly who has / has not paid
  • Reduces parents debt by issuing reminders by text including links to payment page
  • Increases security around school money, become a cashless school over time
  • Add manual payments made in the classroom, keeping your comprehensive list intact

Other Benefits

  • View notes for those not attending or other exceptional circumstances on the same list
  • Save vast admin time with instant issue of payment receipts by text and email
  • Save yourself the frustration of cross referencing endless lists
  • Do your school secretary a BIG favour, choose Way2Pay over a school visa machine; no queues, no phone calls, no storing of credit card details
  • Free up teachers for tasks such as 'teaching, etc' not banking! Way2pay is excellent for school trips and smaller moneys