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What does it do?


way2pay is the best and most effective way for schools to collect income.


We work with schools to provide:


  • Push button pay and collect systems using Smartphone technology
  • Complete audit trail and reporting of requests for payment and payments themselves

How is way2pay better?

  • Uses a comprehensive student data base
  • Immediate reporting
  • Outstanding amounts detailed and listed
  • Build event groups from database

Other Benefits

  • Facilitates cash payments in the classroom
  • Facilitates Notes in relation to participants (allergies, medication, phone numbers etc.)
  • Issues receipts immediately by SMS and email
  • Receipts for manual and online payments
  • Enables payments to be made in installments
  • Daily reports and bank transfer
  • Optional SMS & email bill to parent as due date approaches
  • Highlights individual outstanding balances
  • Bills cater for multiple siblings and multiple discounts