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Easy Setup


WayPay - Transitioning to a cashless school has never been simpler


Integration - Way2Pay seamlessly integrates with all leading UK and Irish MIS systems, cashless catering and accounting packages.

Reduce administration time and improve efficiency

Remote uploading and data exporting

  • System implementation for online payments is quick and easy for all schools
  • Way2Pay provide customer care, individual project managers and boarding specialists for each school
  • Phone and Email customer care, means you can talk to a real person at any time
  • Training on the system is done onsite or by web meeting

All data is in one system which can be accessed remotely by multiple users

  • Way2Pay provides a unique opportunity for principals, teachers, bursars and administrators to access the system with individual login’s and passwords
  • Access your Way2Pay account from your Smartphone outside the school premises
  • Login, set up a bill and request a school payment
  • View the real time transaction balances at any time
  • View outstanding balances
  • View bank deposits daily and at any time remotely