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FAQ – Customer Support Way2Pay

  • The system is asking for the last three letters of my surname, when I enter them, the system doesn’t recognize it. What should I do? +

    Firstly, you need to check if the school spells your child’s name differently. Eg; The school may spell your child’s name in Irish. Also when the system asks you for the last three letters of ‘your’ surname, it is referring to the students surname.
  • I have forgotten my password? +

    You have two options, the first, is to request a ‘password reset link’ which will send a reset link to your email. The second option is to contact someone from the Way2Pay support team, they will reset your password and guide you through the logging in process.
  • A parent has claimed to have paid on the way2pay system; they’ve produced a bank statement showing the transaction from their bank account. However, no payment has registered on the way2pay system. +

    If a parent produces proof of payment to the school, then please contact the way2pay support team (support@way2pay) with the parents contact information. The support team will contact the parent directly and resolve the issue within 24 hours.
  • Why hasn’t this registered on the way2pay system? Is there more payments which may not have registered? +

    Although it’s rare, on occasion, payments may no register on the way2pay system due to a fault in internet connection or human error. Way2pay can ensure that any such difficulties will be resolved.
  • How do you remove incorrect cash payments from the system? +

    There are two processes in place in relation to editing incorrect cash payments on the way2pay system. If your school is self-governed then you will have the autonomy and resources on your dashboard to edit cash payments as you wish. If your school is govern by an ETB then you will need to speak with the ETB in relation the process that is in place for editing cash payments. If you have any further queries about this feature the please contact way2pay directly.
  • When adding a number to the system, a message appears stating ‘number already exists’? +

    If a message appears stating ‘this number already exists in the system’, then the number has been previously saved on the way2pay system. If you think that the number in question may already be associated to a student in your database, then you can search for that number through the ‘add new parent/student to existing number’ feature which is located in the ‘view student’ section under the drop down menu which appears by selecting the ‘actions’ option. If the number is in your system, then it will appear, you can chose you ‘use this number’ and add it to the relevant student account.
  • How do I edit a student’s detail? +

    You can edit an individual students account details by searching for the parent/student, clicking on the their name, you will then be redirected to the students details, here you can edit any necessary information.
  • When creating an activity, what option do you select for ‘include fee’s’? +

    As explained in the way2pay terms and conditions, there is a transaction fee with each activity. If you would like the parent to pay for the transaction fee, then you should select ‘yes’, if the school is going to pay for the transaction fee then the correct option is ‘no.
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