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Way2Pay – Effectively Manage School Accounting and Banking

Reconciliation Tool- Way2Pay is data driven and has excellent reporting capabilities.

  • Enables multiple school users and log in’s
  • Generate automatic lodgement slips
  • View real time account balances
  • Multiple account viewing
  • Drill down accounting
  • Data automatically viewable by central Local Authority
  • Automatic receipting facility by email and text
  • Multiple bank deposits

Way2Pay – Track School Income and Increase School Revenue

Help manage and reduce parent debt- Way2Pay enables schools to increase revenue and manage parental income

Way2Pay is UK’s only ‘one click to pay’ School Payments App.

Parents receive their school bills via a text message to their Smartphone

  • No Lengthy Login or time consuming parent registeration
  • Way2Pay’s strong 'call to action' payment text ensures that parents pay their children’s school bills quicker
  • Parents can pay with ‘one click’ on their Smartphones
  • Way2Pay’s ‘one click to pay’ system is flexible for parents and can be paid on the move or in the comfort of their own homes
  • Parents ‘one click to pay’ directs them to enter their credit or debit card details
  • Following payment, parents instantly receive a text message to confirm that payment has been received
  • The schools activity balances are automatically updated in real time.
  • Payment Receipts are automatically sent by text and/or emailed to parents from the Way2Pay system

Way2Pay bills are sent automatically via Phone and Email to allow parents ‘one click to pay’

Way2Pay provides flexible payment options for parents