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Academy Trusts


Way2Pay have won every government tender they have entered in Ireland.


We are now working in 9 of the 16 ETB local government areas nationwide.
Way2Pay commissioned independent research across some of the areas and we are delighted to share the results with you.  

  • 1. Were you happy with the personalized introduction of way2pay by trainers and administrator? +

  • 2. Did you feel the way2pay 'welcome pack' was helpful for your schools needs? +

  • 3. Did you feel the way2pay training was tailored specifically for your school with the system explained clearly? +

  • 4. Did you feel your way2pay trainer explained how 'best to use' the system in a clear and concise manner that was time effective? +

  • 5. Following your way2pay training do you think the system is easy to use? +

  • 6. Do you think your parent community will enjoy the Smartphone Technology aspect of way2pay? +

  • 7. Do you feel with the 'parent pack' support mechanisms that parents will find way2pay easy to use? +

  • 8. Do you think in the Long Run the way2pay system will save you time and money? +

  • 1

Summary of Sample Set of Cluster ETB Schools Surveyed

Personalisation--Scored in top percentile

  • The personalised introduction via phone and ‘welcome pack’ was paramount

  • The way2pay support mechanisms for school and parents are exceptionally valuable

Training-- Overall Training scored the highest marks and percentages

  • Training was excellent and hugely helpful

  • Training was personalised for each school

Using the system effectively and efficiently- Scored the highest marks and percentages

  • System is very easy to use and operate

  • Features such as Tax Rebates

  • User time saver features explained accurately

The Parents--Scored in top percentile

  • It is anticipated by schools that most parents will love the Smartphone Technology

  • The parents will find paying with way2pay Extremely Easy

Support Mechanisms-- Scored in top percentile

  • Way2pay Parent Pack is a valuable resource

Saving Time and Money --Scored in top percentile

  • Schools agreed overall it would cut down their workload and save time and money