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Case Study


Way2Pay Case Study 2015/16


School – South Dublin Primary School
Bill - Book Rental Fee


5 Top Points

1. Way2Pay saved the school 5 hours teaching time and 7 hours admin time weekly

2. Way2Pay substantially increased revenue to the school

3. Way2Pay improved the overall management of the school. Finance & Budgeting.

4. Way2Pay greatly reduced the security risk of “Cash on Premises”.

5. Parents were delighted to use the Way2Pay system



This School in this case study is a primary school in south county Dublin. The school were having huge issues with cash . They were not getting time to go to the bank and cash was building up on the premises. They were struggling to receipt cash and It was difficult form any analysis for end of accounts. Parents were not paying for several items due to the unreliable nature of the “Note in the Bag” method of cash collection. They implemented Way2Pay and viewed it as an instant success. There was an immediate lift in the revenue coming into the school with a decrease in the cash on site. It became a win win for all stakeholders; the secretary got her time back, teachers had more time to teach and the time burden associated with collecting money was completely gone. The security risk was reduced and the accounts were available and presented in an ordered fashion in a cloud based solution.


The Bursar’s Opinion

“The system has improved our schools performance in so many ways – it has substantially increased the revenue to our school. It has given back up to 7.5 hours admin and 5 hours teaching time every week. It has excellent real time reporting has improved autitablilty and overall management. It has greatly reduced the amount of cash in our building and given us all peace of mind”

“I would be happy to talk to any new school to discuss our experience.”





Way2Pay at Work – An example of a single bill – Book Rental

On Oct 5th – Total of 238 pupils were sent a payment request for €25 each for Book Rental through Wa2Pay

  • 77% / 183 students paid online PAID ONLINE TOTAL – 4,575.00
  • 23% / 55 students haven’t paid as of yet UNPAID TOTAL- 1,375.00


Students Numbers Method Paid Amount Euro Percentage
238  Total Requested  5,950.00  (100%)
183  ONLINE WAY2PAY  4,575.00  (76.8%)
0  OFFLINE  0.00  (0%)
55  UNPAID TOTAL  1,375.00  (23.1%)




Speed and Convenience of Collection, Reminder Functionality

Online Collection of Book Rental from October and Nov 2015

  • Oct 5th to Oct 25th179 student payments (4,475e) – (97.81% of all online payments made here)

  • Nov - 4 payments (100e) -(2.18% of all online payments)

From Oct 5th to OCT 25th – 20 day period online payments


Week Number Number of Online Payments % of Online Payments
 Week 1 (Oct 5th to Oct 11th)  96  53.63%
 Week 2 (Oct 12th to Oct 18th)**  10  5.5%
 Week 3 (Oct 19th to Oct 25th)  73  40.7%

** Note above on week 2 there was a drop in online payments therefore the school used our ‘reminder text’ feature on way2pay and payments were increased in week 3